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Business Cards

Philippa J Goldstone - Logotype & Bunisn

Client: Electronic Note Taker


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Typography & Print. 


Philippa Goldstone is a freelance notetaker. The card shows two parts 1. Detailed notes are in electronic form. The logoname use signature form for 'Philippa' and pixal form for 'Goldstone'. 2. The reverse of the card is like a notepad.


Client: BSL Interpreter


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Typography & Print.  Bridget Noble is a British Sign Language Interpreter. Her first name uses a symbol style as on a bridge.


Client: Fashion Designers - Queera & Christopher King


Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Typography & Print.


Q&C has asked me to design a logo and business cards for their new business. The logo shows a crown, divided in two to represent both male and female in the style 'Queen' & 'King'. A suited chest is seen on middle-top of the crown to represent a mannuqin with a tailored suit.

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