Hot Fingers 2:

Manchester vs London


Illustrator Alphabet Card Hot Fingers 2: Manchester vs London


Tools used: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. 


As part of the team of volunteer workers: myself, Michael Ward, Kate Eccleston, Carmen Suen and Fiona Ng created the above illustration. Manchester Hot Fingers supports the Malawi Deaf Association (MANAD) and London Hot Fingers supports the Albania National Association of the Deaf Youth camp. Money raised was a result of this event was donated to good causes and charities by the associations.


The event was about people competing to spell words based on the dexterity of their fingers to set a new speed in fingerspelling for the world record 2013, BSL Fingerspelling Competition. Very similar to how spelling bees work but with sign language instead of spoken words. 


Competition rules: 


- You had three attempts to set the fastest time. 

- You must have spelt each letter following the standard BSL alphabet. 

- No performing enhancement nail polish was permitted. 


My role within the team was to develop and design the BSL FINGERSPELLING ALPHABET FOR HOT FINGERS RULE illustration to support people and help them understand the alphabetical order and signs of BSL fingerspelling.