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Liverpool In Time

Liverpool In Time


Tools used: Final Cut & DaVinci Resolve.


As part of the “MA Post Production for TV and Film” course.


The aim was to use a variety of different formats, either SD or HD to use when filming at the Albert Dock and Royal Liver Building. Including the colour grading, time remapping.


From the brief, I picked ‘Time Travel’ as it is one of my personal favourite genres and has a style of special effects that I wanted to develop with my new and updated skills to create the videos showing the past & the present of Liverpool. The filming of Liverpool In Time was done using a variety of different video formats and recording devices, such as P2, iPhone 4s and 7D Canon.


Overall the project focused on 2 to 4 minutes in a timeline sequence in order showcase and practice with different editing techniques to develop and alter the visual style of tje Albert Dock and Royal Liver Building through history.


Special thanks to "North West Film Archive" at Manchester Metropolitan University for providing the old footage and films of the Albert Dock and Royal Liver Building, which were needed and used to mix timeline styles.


Used by Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve in order to create the visual style of mixing the past with the present.

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