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Merseysign Culture


Tools used: Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator.


This proejct in brief was to create a 3 minute video to play whilst the actors performed their routine, showcasing the history and culture of the first Deaf Club, the Parkway building.


Shown at the MerseySign Culture viewers theatre, the video used 2D animatio to depict the scene and act as a background for the actors in combination with pausing at specific scenes to allow the actors to carry out their roles. The show lasted for about 45 minutues, with the video paused and played at specific moments. Overall it was to show the development and the build-up of the Parkway building. After Effects was used to create the moving images, as seen on the video which shows the 1 minutes & 20 seconds version of the video.


The description of the event was:


The weekend is a pioneering venture run by volunteers in the Liverpool Deaf Community to explore the feasibility in delivering a locally based Deaf Arts and Cultural Festival with limited resources. Never before has this been done in a UK city, there are a range of events happening in several locations.


Liverpool Deaf Centre, theatre hosted a Performing Arts Evening. It could be the held for the last time as it is possible the building may be demolished, thus making way for a new Deaf Centre. MerseySign Theatre will perform a piece based on a fictional Liverpool Deaf Community’s reaction to the visit by a Royal Commissioner. After the discussion at a conference in Milan that recommended that Sign Language should be banned in schools.


Organising Committee: Barry Avison, Barry Kirwan, Chris King, Frank Essery, Kathie Hare-Cockburn, Ian Cockburn, James Groom, Janice Connolly, Joan Minett and Queesra Abbas Dad.



Logo wristband


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Typography & Print. 


The designs use two colours, black and navy blue, to match the night time view from the Liverpool Mersey river. The middle named "MERSEYSIGN CULTURE" was created using the three most iconic and well known building landmarks: Royal Liver Building, St John's Beacon and Liverpool Cathedral.



Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Typography & Print.


The above poster was designed in order to provide the details of the events for MerseySign Culture on the poster, and also to depict what it looks like and entails.

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